About Us


Hello, and thanks for visiting our first real.. we’re totally going to keep up with it blog! My Name is Michelle and I’m married to Michael. We have 3 kids together Kelvin(12), Fox(7) and Nova(5).

We began our journey 3 years ago when we took a cross country trip in our Jeep. From that trip we learned a valuable lesson… Don’t drive a car across the country! Ever! 🙂 We decided to put an RV at the top of our bucket list.. This past fall we made our dreams come true. We saved up for a new to us, pretty used Winnebago. We named her Amelia Roadhart. We’ve had some troubles and some fun..

We have had a couple short trips around the area, mostly to our parents houses which are far enough away it’s nice to have an RV around when we want to go visit. On our various trips with Amelia it’s rained. I mean, downpoured… every. single. time.

This is a blog about our journey across the country in a new RV in which we’ve never taken too far… Enjoy our crazy family as we take on the road for 70 days from Southern Ohio to the Gulf of Mexico, to the Redwood Forest to the tip of Washington, various places in-between and back home!