A couple days in LA — with our Morris Friends!

After leaving San Diego we started our way up to the LA area. We stayed on Point Mugu’s Navy base right on the Pacific! When we arrived late at night it was the hardest darn place to find.. It was basically in the middle of nowhere! A gem though, this was by far my favorite stay the whole trip! We were so close to the ocean the lot we were on was made of sand,.. and the  waves crashing and the overcast chilly air it was awesome! If you know me you know I love overcast days where the sun isn’t blasting me in the face.. Most likely sitting in front of a computer all day has made me enjoy those days more than anything else.

I had taken these days off to spend time with my very best friend Elise! We were quite a ways away from LA, and didn’t really realize HOW FAR until we had to drive it a couple days in a row.. ZzzZ! Anyways,.. The first morning Michael and I woke up early to take a walk on the beach, I could barely sleep the night before because I was so excited,.. I’ve been dying to come out west to California for quite some time. While we walked the beach we saw 2 dolphins playing! I’ve never seen dolphins out in the wild before it was the best!

When we woke the kids up we let them run wild on the beach before heading to LA for the day.. If you can’t tell by their faces in the picture below this was probably better than anything they’ve ever experienced. My kids love like.. LOVE!! the ocean. I’m so happy the dolphins came back too while they were playing so they could experience that also,. Kelvin thought it was a shark.. the FUNNIEST thing EVER! LOL!! He drug the kids out of the water so fast I couldn’t help but laugh and just let him do it so I could then say it’s just a dolphin.. so so funny!

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Those faces ^^

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She has the greatest smile! and style 😉

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It was far enough a way I couldn’t get the greatest shot of the dolphin, I only had my phone with me.. but pretty good!


I didn’t take very many pictures during our time in LA, and I’m kind of kicking myself for it now.. We had so much fun while we were there I just didn’t even take my phone out a lot at all. We did drive down the coast to LA one day from Point Mugu since HW 1 was like less than a mile away from where we stayed. We drove through Malibu and Santa Monica, it was probably my favorite because I love looking at different homes. And lots of stops to ooO and ahH at the ocean.


My friend Elise and I took the kids to see Finding Dory in 3D while Michael went out with one of his friends, it was kind of nice to have a normal paced evening not to far off from a normal night out.


On the way to the movies we noticed YouTube,.. My kids fricking love YouTube! I said we’re totally grabbing a picture after the movie. They. were. stoked! And maybe it’s because they were standing in the middle of  a road to get the picture haha

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The next day Elise drove us to all of the famous stops around Hollywood and LA,.. lots of cool stuff, a lot of stuff I was like oh, that’s it? HA! Fun otherwise,.. we all crammed in one car and it was just so much fun!

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We’re already talking about our next trip out west to hang out with our friends,.. The kids still talk about it!

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