San Diego, Our start of the beautiful weather out of the desert!!

This was our first destination where we could actually handle being outside. We went from hot dry desert climate, I’m talking record heats for the year in Vegas.. It was not fun. Eager to get to San Diego we left asap the morning we were due to leave.. We knew the rising temperatures crossing the Mojave Desert mid day were something we would need to avoid. We did manage to leave bright and early… but. We got stuck, so stuck. There just so happened to be that worlds largest rave I mentioned in the last post UGH! Well.. that day happened to be the last day and kids were all leaving to go back to Cali or whatever weird place they came from ( LOL).

We were stuck in traffic for hours… still making better time then we have on previous departures we managed to make it most of the way through the desert until we needed gas. When we stopped to get it as quickly as possible we had to shut down the generator we were using to cool ourselves.. This was for ours and everyones safety as it runs off gas… Needless to say we wish we were able to keep it on.. by the time we filled up the RV was at 100 degrees inside and rising! I had the kids stripped down.. the cats as cool as I could possibly get them.. And I actually had to quit working my computer didn’t like the heat! It was awful…

And then,,… within a matter of two hours, in the short distance we went the temps dipped down into the lower 70’s, so unreal!! But we couldn’t have been more thankful to be somewhere where we could breathe haha.

After settling in to a Navy getaway RV park, we showered the sweat off and went off to find something fun to do! We ended up eating dinner at the base food court on Coronado.. which had amazing choices not the average fast food junk. Then we took the kids to see the Pacific and get their feet in the sand. <– Terrible idea since we actually planned on doing things haha Fox took that as let’s dive in and get completely drenched. This was my first time seeing the Pacific as well.. It sure is beautiful. I couldn’t get enough. Then we drove the kids pretty close to the Mexico border just to check it out.. Then back we went! hehe.. To explore downtown! So many fun restaurants and stores, we mostly just walked around and I didn’t bring my camera to any of these things. Sorry!

The first whole day there we mostly just tried to figure out our game plan while I did some work,.. We visited Balboa park that evening.



We couldn’t get enough of the overgrowing cactuses everywhere, they were like pieces of art!











These pictures crack me up!


The next day I had taken a vacation day so we could squeeze in as much as possible as we were only in town for 1 more day (1/2 a day), we still had to drive North of LA. We decided to visit the San Diego Zoo! We’re not big let’s stay at the zoo all day people so it was the perfect little day adventure.



I’m pretty sure I took 5000 pictures of flamingos, I’ve seen flamingos a dozen times, but these were just so pretty! and the way they skated around the water it was so cute!




We started off taking the bus tour around to pick and choose what we wanted to see most. Honestly we saw so much on the bus, we didn’t need to see much more! We asked the lady while getting on the best seat.. and she didn’t disappoint she was 100% accurate! We saw every single animal.. Which sucked for other people I’m sure they couldn’t see a thing.


This guys head was a big as both fists put together GAH!


The only picture we got of the panda, I was so irritated, we waited 45 minutes to see him and then were shoved along so quickly.. I’m not even sure the kids got to see him.. So bummed!


We got to play with this little guy though! Fox wanted to see a 4D movie, and he was waiting outside the door.. So cute! After the movie we let the kiddos pick out little souvenirs and headed out to pack up and move on. We really managed to squeeze a lot in for the short period of time we were there, and we already made a list of things we want to do when we return!


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