Zion National Park, pit stop!

As a stopping point before making it from NE Utah all the way to Vegas we chose Zion National park as our overnight stay. We made it there pretty late in the evening and still had to find somewhere to park for the night.. We decided to at least go watch the sunset in the park because we were literally staying right out side of it.

The sun set rather quickly by the time we made it in but we were lucky enough to see some pretty red hues on the red rocks from the sun it was worth the drive in. We ended up driving through a bit more then turning around and heading back into the little town outside the park. We ate at this cute little place where Michael had the most amazing buffalo meatloaf! (I’ll have to find the name of it) We got to talking to our waitress about the park and the area. She told us that they actually don’t let people drive around the park anymore during normal visiting hours, that they have shuttles we would have to get on during the day. She also warned us how busy it would be the following day and that we’d need at least 4 hours to make it around. We were pretty bummed to hear that as we really didn’t have a ton of time here because we had to keep pushing to get to Nevada. We chose to leave early the next morning to make the best of the day before all the heat hit us. Driving through the heat was the worst. The air worked great! But when it got in the 100’s it was hard to keep up. In fact, when we get gas.. we have to shut things down generator, the fridge anything that can spark and cause a fire. Well.. after filling up and turning back on.. it was so dang hot that it never got lower than 90! For hours we had to suffer through that it was AWFUL! The kids basically sat in their underwear the whole trip lol.

Here’s some pictures of us heading in to the park for the evening.






The most beautiful spot! The water was so blue and against the green and red.. it was like a painting!




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