Viva Hot Vegas!

Vegas.. Vegas was something we knew not to get our hopes to high about having too much fun there. We knew we were going to get there right when the heat hit the highest.. It hit the record high of the year in the area while we were there.. It was so hot.. not Ohio humid hot.. but you better drink a TON of water dry hot. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling. We actually spent the majority of our time in the RV.. actually it was so hot we had to bring our slide in just to keep the area smaller and the AC didn’t have to work as hard.. So it was a little cramped but at least we all weren’t baking!

To go along with the hot theme, I really couldn’t bring myself to lug my camera around. I actually got 0 pictures of anything downtown.. kind of bummed about it. So when we did head down to the strip we just went and did a drive by and see where we were going to park and where the things were that we wanted to get the kids to see. We went and ate and came back and the place was INSANE! wall to wall traffic, people everywhere.. and not just normal tourist people.. like half naked people! I will never forget Nova’s reaction.. “Mom why is that girl wearing her underwear outside?” lol.. I told her because her momma never spanked her butt. 😉

We sucked it up, found the only parking lot there was at the Caesar’s Palace. Little did we know which is very nice, Vegas parking downtown in the casinos is all FREE. Who knew.. not us non-gamblers haha. Another thing I didn’t know because i’ve only been to casinos in Canada that you can just walk your kids right on through the slots/gambling areas.. It was weird to me.. We didn’t stop at all just walked right through to try and get out to the strip. One thing we did find awesome was the malls inside the casino.. Caesar’s Palace was so neat.. the details were awesome!

After making it to the strip.. and trying to make the best of the crowd.. we watched the fountains, looked at the street art.. all so cool.. but the people! My lord where do those people come from haha the way they dress I just couldn’t handle my kids being around that.. and the smoking and the millions of escort cards all over the ground. We had no idea what we got into but we never made it to the area we were hoping to see. We decided to just high tail it out of there. We did find out that the largest rave in the world just happened to be going on the whole weekend we were there.. 😐 and it was right next to where we were staying.. and on our way back the RV.. everyone was on their way to the rave.. 3 hours later.. we made it. ( only 5 miles away ) UGH!

The next day after some research and advice.. we wanted to check out Old town.. I REALLY wanted to go to the Neon museum but going with the kids was frowned upon.. I guess i’ll have to come back without them! We ended up just walking around, and eating at the only place that wasn’t a casino.. Denny’s… Did you know you could get married at Denny’s? lol.. so funny. I thought I took a picture of the wedding package, but I can’t find it.

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😓☀️🔥 so. Hot. #exploretheUS

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After needing to get back in the air conditioning just so we could breathe! We decided to take the trip to the Hoover Dam, so glad we did! What a cool place.. A lot like Mt. Rushmore though.. it wasn’t as crazy big as we had anticipated.. still HUGE but just not the way they show in the movies lol.



Couldn’t imaging falling down in there! YIKES


Trying to stay hydrated.. just the .0015miles from the car.. We were toast!




Drove across that bridge above in hopes to see over its edge.. nope.. The barrier was too high, I could see why lol. But Hey again Arizona!


Memorial in memory of the men who were killed building the dam., so sad.


Hey again Nevada! Miss us 😉


This is Lake Mead… which was formed by the Hoover Dam.. and is the largest reservoir in the US.. Little history lesson for you. hehe. We stopped by the recreation area to have a look.. and ended up getting out for some pictures.. it’s really pretty.


284A1136 copy

Such a pretty smile this girly has!



The kids thought the lake was so pretty.. they wanted to take pictures with their Nintendo Ds’s.. so funny. Here’s Fox posing for Nova.


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