From Moab to Logan, Utah then in route to Vegas

I can’t believe I didn’t take any other pictures on the way up to Northern Utah.. In fact.. It looks like I didn’t take any pictures in Utah other than the parks. I’m so bummed! Utah is gorgeous.. Park City, WOAH! We can’t wait to go back there. We stayed at an RV resort.. our first one of the trip, no joke that place was like a 5 star resort! We also went to go check out the little city.. unfortunately, everything was closing because it was more important for the kiddos to get some wiggles out before we went to go find food somewhere. We ended up at this place called Squatters. O.M.G. best food i’ve ever had.. and we were introduced to some local whiskey High West. again. BEST WHISKEY we’ve ever had. In fact we stocked up before leaving Utah in case we ran in to the issue we had in Texas where I didn’t stop to buy the local whiskey I loved there. I’ll be back in October though.. I’ll have to figure out how to smuggle you home 😉

Wait until you guys see our route through this state haha… We drove up to Logan, UT for my work. I had voluntarily set up a meet up so I could hang out with my fellow developers that were in the area. We had such a great time.. eating, went for a little hike, ate some more.. and hung out in the office for a couple days. Michael and the kids had some fun time visiting the local trampoline park and family fun center. We didn’t get to do any hiking this time.. but I really wanted to take the kids on some of the hikes I’ve gotten to experience during my many visits to this great place.

Our route in Utah..

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.49.16 AM

I did manage to leave work early one day and we took the kids to a little zoo in the area.. For $2 a person.. it was pretty great. the kids spent all of my laundry quarters feeding the ducks haha!


This little guy was so sweet.. sleeping way up high in his cage.





The voice this thing had!!, I actually have a video.. I’ll be sure to share soon!




This one was marching through the walkways..


This one was my favorite!! He looks so prehistoric!

Utah is a super beautiful state.. There wasn’t one minute we weren’t in awe looking out the window. One evening while we were in Utah we also managed to drive down to Salt Lake.. which I don’t have any pictures of unfortunately.. It was unbelievably windy, and the salt was literally pelting you in the face. Michael and Kelvin got out but it actually terrified the kids.. they still talk about how scary it was to them. Then we drove around the city for a bit.. and SO BUMMED! I didn’t know about the UP house until after we left Utah.

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