The Grand Canyon, AZ

We have been hitting our destinations at the weirdest part of the day where lighting is just,… hard to work with. Maybe it’s that or maybe I’m having a hard time getting back into taking pictures with my camera again. Ever since I started instagramming and using my iphone, I haven’t really touched a camera until this trip where I was determined to keep up with this blog and taking great shots.. It’s so hard to get a great shot when you’re trying to squeeze so much into such little time. I manage to get a few here and there… but most of the good ones are on instagram.

Here’s some pictures from when we drove into the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff. Funny story,.. we were driving through a national forest where Humphrey’s Peak is.. Right before Humphrey’s Peak.. the gas light comes on ::insert scream face emoji here:: We definitely thought we were going to run out of gas I mean.. we had like 50 miles to go to the next and only gas station along the way lol we totally should have turned around. It was a scorcher and there was a forest fire going on.. talk about pushing it haha. Right there in Valle was where we manage to drive in on fumes to get gas.. the kids always ask before long drives in the middle of nowhere now if we have enough gas lol!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.00.26 PM

284A0706 copy

We managed to make it there just before sunset… I wish we could get up early and make it somewhere for sunrise.. Could you see me waking my kids for that HAHA!,… oh well!

284A0712 copy

284A0725 copy

Interesting how things just fall into place.

284A0730 copy

284A0747 copy

284A0751 copy

They were hustling along so all I got was this picture of moose butt.

284A0761 copy

Nova got her first Kachina doll! The kids all have one now.

284A0767 copy

Sure is beautiful. I wasn’t in the greatest spot to get the best shot.. but it will do. We got there super late and ended up driving back in the pitch dark.. it sucked. The stars made it bearable though.

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