Sedona, Arizona

I had to work all day the first day in Flagstaff AZ, which was probably a good thing for the kids they got to sleep in and just kick back that day.. I think they enjoyed having a break from the hustle driving everywhere. Since I haven’t really adjusted to time change yet I have been getting up really early.. getting my day in and taking off early afternoon to give us a little extra time to get some sightseeing in which has been working out so well. This day we took of into Sedona to look around.. I had it set in my mind that we would visit Slide Rock state park, I’ve only seen it in pictures but sliding down rocks just seemed to interesting to pass up. And it was going to be warm that day so we went for it! It was so amazingly beautiful the area… and was really fun at first.

UNTIL.. I fell trying to walk Nova along the rushing water… She (not weighing much i know) but.. leaned back on me as we were balancing on rocks and made me tumble backwards. Because the rocks we were on were incredible slippery (I’m usually good at holding my balance but in this moment) I was just more worried about letting go of her and causing her to go under and get taken away. So I fell back holding her up in the air.. I had my stupid cell phone in my bra because if anything I thought my butt would totally get wet haha. But I needed it darn-it so I could get pictures! It was either that or my brand new $2000 camera. I went the cheaper route lol.. I did get some amazing pictures especially after getting wet and taking advantage of it.. but my phone started to get all messed up, and Siri keeps trying to talk to me haha. Oh well 🙂

284A0606 copy

Oak Creek Canyon on the way into Sedona

284A0619 copy

This whole trip i’ve been fascinated by the blue wispy grasses.. when there is a bunch of them together they look so pretty. I couldn’t really capture the pure beauty of them.. but here’s a little taste. They look green to me but.

284A0655 copy

Fox made Kelvin walk him everywhere he wouldn’t step lol, Kelvin and I really got our exercise.. Michael didn’t want to get near the water so he walked along the sides and got this picture. The one and probably only picture of myself here on the blog so far haha.

284A0683 copy

Check out that enormous rock! it’s like 4x bigger than Kelvin! Did you read about the idiot guy who was pushing rocks over at a National Park and put it on youtube? Look it up.. what a jerk.

I didn’t get many red rock pictures sadly.. I was wet and hangry, and just tired. We ate really late and walked around the shops and went into the one shop that was open still.. they had this really cool toy that I should have bought the kids.. I put it in my amazon cart.. they really got a kick out of it.  if you’re interested.

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  1. Just caught up on reading all your posts. It looks like y’all are having all the fun! White sands pictures are amazing! That is being added to my list! And my mom bought a national park passport when we were kids and has been keeping up with it ever since. She loves it! I just love sending her the stamps when I go places! 🙂 see you soon!

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