Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater,.. Oh my!

What a beautiful drive from New Mexico into Northern Arizona! I took a lot of on the road pictures through instagram as I was working the majority of the ride that day. When we did reach our attractions we were there to see I did get some great shots! Remember when I mentioned my pictures were coming out blurry.. well.. it happened to be the lens I was using.. (Bummer) so after this day I finally figured it out so my pictures get a little better haha. Here’s a post where I won’t bore you with my words too much

284A0428 copy

At the Painted Desert!

284A0429 copy

another place where the pictures do not do it any justice.

284A0433 copy

284A0436 copy

284A0443 copy

284A0447 copy

284A0449 copy

284A0471 copy

He was so excited because i let him stand in the middle of the road.. hate that my lens was not working and I wish I would have caught it this would have been a really great shot.

284A0478 copy

284A0484 copy

In the same park area was the Petrified Forest,.. which i just thought was fascinating.. it was logs.. just everywhere totally random some looked like a tree just fell over and it was sawed into pieces.. just sitting there petrified, it was so neat. This cactus… is amazing.

284A0485 copy

That detail!

284A0489 copy

They look so thrilled don’t they! 😉

284A0504 copy 284A0507 copy

284A0517 copy

284A0525 copy

284A0533 copy

Free range farm.. they were all on the road.. but Momma came and made them leave, haha.

284A0544 copy

Meteor Crater!!

284A0545 copy

This was (so far) the one thing Fox was truly fascinated by.. Which I just love how much he loves science.

284A0554 copy

Kelvin wasn’t to interested in having his picture taken this day.

284A0574 copy

Lifting meteorite vs a regular earth rock.

284A0575 copy

I thought this museum was so well put together.. It’s definitely worth a trip, even though it was a little pricey.. we had a lot of fun here!

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