Albuquerque and one long ride to Flagstaff.

Birds are definitely chirping here! Sorry about that, we have had no free wifi since.. ?? I don’t even know, and I don’t want to use up my data uploading pictures because I need that to work on the road.. So while I’m sitting at work here in Logan Utah! waiting for Michael to come and get me, (They’re having fun at some trampoline place AGAIN!, without me. haha) I thought I would play catch up!

We had planned on doing a couple things while in Albuquerque while we were there.. But it started storming so the only thing we really did was had a yummy meal in old town,… although my margarita had an enormous hair in it (insert gag reflexes here) If there is one thing that just completely grosses me out.. it’s hair. I don’t know why but seeing hair on a table floor where ever it just really grosses me out…  But the food was unique and good.. (after i throughly inspected it 😛 )

After that, We tried to find the kids somewhere to exercise because we’ve had a long journey already.. and had another one the next day. I found this crazy trampoline place! It was insane. It had way more than we’re used to seeing and the kids had way to much fun.. I was almost jealous.




I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures on my big camera because of the rain situation I really didn’t want to pull it out. We were able to get on the road pretty early the next morning because we had a lot we wanted to get in the next day. Arizona is another beautiful state and so many things to see along the way. I really was hoping to venture off into some Route 66 territories but we didn’t have the chance.. Next time!


I’ll create another post to talk about that first day into Arizona.. it was a pretty one with one to many pictures!

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