Day 9 -10? – loosing track! Leaving Marfa heading to White Sands, NM

You guys! Our RV park in Marfa was so cute, if you want to see a bunch of vintage trailers this is where to go! So many cute Airstreams also. We headed out quickly before it got to the heat of the day.. It’s starting to get really warm here, but without the humidity like at home it’s actually not to bad. It’s the burning sun that gets you here.. no shade!


Love Cactus plants!


I was bummed I didn’t think with our time constraints we would make it to see Prada Marfa.. (evidently there’s a cute little target too! Bummer!) But it just happened to be on our way out to El Paso so so excited we saw it.. so weird how remote it was lol… and people just stop take a picture and off they go.. There’s also a fence behind there people put locks on that’s kind of cool… If I would have known.


This was another beautiful drive, I’ve never seen these mountain chains so it was definitely an experience! Until.. we reached Juarez, we weren’t sure what to expect but man what a scary looking place.  It was cool to show the kids where the Rio Grande was and that they could look over at Mexico along the way.



A new state, and you are so beautiful New Mexico!

I got a couple pictures of the Organ Mountains we stayed next to, you can see them on instagram! We stayed on the White Sands Missile Range base which we were not allowed to take pictures on. It was a pretty “deserted base”, right now anyways.. which is sad. Hopefully soon they’ll get it back up and running. We didn’t get to see any missile launches, which would have been crazy cool.. What else is crazy. the highway runs right through it. There were 3 bases right in a row within 40 miles of each other!

On our way to White Sands National Monument we realized we were low on gas (whoopsies)! So we didn’t go all the way into the monument afraid to not make it 18 miles to the nearest gas station. But we spotted some great sledding hills where there were a couple other people. So you’re driving next to this place thinking oh well that doesn’t look so big and white… but it was kind of like driving up a mountain and BAM there’s a bunch of snow! That’s what this place was like.. only sand.. it was incredible. Unreal. Like I mentioned on an instagram picture.. Heaven.



Kelvin couldn’t quite get his sled to work.. I guess it needed to be greased up or something.



284A0234 copy

Let me tell you climbing these things wiped us out!! We were all falling asleep on the way back to the RV.

284A0237 copy



284A0271 (1) copy


Nova thought it was hilarious to push Dada down the hill.


We decided to walk over to the biggest hill, Kelvin took the first plunge and still had no luck because of how heavy he was i guess.. People were buying “adult type” sleds from the gift shop maybe we should have. I bought these for 50 cents a piece at Kmart a while back knowing we would use them.. The plan was to leave them here for other people to use.. but we might be visiting more dunes elsewhere so we kept them. Back to the hill.. So it was starting to get dark, and these big giant stink bugs, which are totally different from our stink bugs GROSS! Were coming out everywhere and one actually took off towards Kelvin like we made it mad haha.. it was so funny. I wouldn’t let the littles go down it because of the brush below.. we couldn’t see it from the distance we walked until we got up close.. but there are lots of bugs / snakes around and assuming they would be hiding around those areas..


Fox Loved throwing these sand rocks he was finding.. He would throw them down the hills and watch them explode down below, so cute.

284A0298 copy

Definitely the most beautiful place in the United States that I have seen so far. It’s so worth a visit guys, I’m glad we’re doing all of this, this year.. being the 100th year anniversary, the gift shops are loaded with cool things… We got the kids Passports, now everywhere we go they can stamp their books to show all the National Parks they have visited.. I’ll have to take their books with me to the Alamo in October when I go back to San Antonio for a conference.. because we didn’t have them then. Michael and I got a little collectible token album. I’ll share pictures in my next post. Also, Michael a while back started collecting base coins every time we visit one.. Which are super neat, and will be cool to pass down to the kids.

On the way out of white sands we zoomed right past a pistachio farm, and long behold there was the giant pistachio we’ve seen in roadside oddities, rats!! This was the only picture i got so lucky it isn’t super blurry lol!


We’re on the hunt for Aliens next!

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