Day 8 — Marfa, in the high desert.



Okay, I have to tell you the funniest part of the day.. We were heading into Marfa, and there was this low bridge coming up and just to be safe Michael quickly yelled “quick jump out! Run up and make sure I don’t hit it.” I was just dozing off and scared the pants off of me lol. So I ran out ran past the bridge and watched him come through.. I told him the kids could have stood on top and we would of made it… but with our luck we weren’t going to risk it. After he came through there were cars approaching so I made fun and pretended to hitchhike… hehe.


My camera settings need adjusted I think.. :/ So many of my pictures are blurry when I get them uploaded.. they look fine on camera so I don’t see it until afterwards wahh.. This would have been such a shot.




We were trying to find somewhere to eat… We should have just cooked though, we’ll have to start cooking or we’ll be broke before we make it halfway through the trip, lol. We found a pizza place, that was closed but the lady was so incredibly nice she said they would cook for us because we wouldn’t find anything else to eat. We had the BEST pizza i’ve ever had since NYC. So. Good. So good, that Fox who doesn’t eat a damn thing, who only eats pizza without sauce.. which they so kindly made happen on half of the pizza. Which was also good for me since I can’t eat stuff like that late in the day or I’ll have the worst stomach pains all night. He ate 4 slices! 4!! After that we headed off into the super dark to see these “Marfa Lights”…

Marfa Lights Viewing Area


It was hard to not have your head up the whole time, these stars! I can’t believe i can’t find my darn camera adapter for my tripod.. and the replacement adapter is like $40 bucks.. ugh.


Alright guys! There is a Marfa light.. Right above the bright red light. We know that the bright red one is just a cell/radio tower or something..  They were pretty active whatever they were… i’m still not convinced.. I believe it’s just Mexicans crossing the border with flashlights.. lol. jk.


If I had it these pictures would have been 20x better.. this is me holding down the button, set up on some rocks in bulb mode lol.. still okay though!

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