Day 7 — San Antonio and Austin Texas,.. Y’all


San Antonio is definitely a touristy city, but a beautiful one. We were lucky enough to catch some good weather, it only rained late at night so made for a great day. We got there pretty late in the evening but managed to get unhooked and set up pretty quickly (we’re getting really good at this haha) and headed into the city to get on a river boat tour we figured it would be prettier at night.. and it was! I didn’t get many pictures on my camera because it was dying 🙁 , but If you’ve been following me on instagram you’ve probably seen them so no reason to share more lol. It was really cool though.


Michael cradling his $20 beer (might be exaggerating a teeny) from Dicks Last resort. We’ve always wanted to eat at one of these places and it was funny but man the price tag yikes! and we just got a drink and desserts. Also… the kids did not enjoy themselves hahaha.. so that was worth it. 😉

I got a little clip of the guy yelling at Kelvin when he asked the guy for napkins. so so funny.


The next day, we woke up and made good use of the morning to see the Alamo before it got to hot. And it never did… there was a torrential downpour as soon as we walked into the mall after visiting so WHEW! The Alamo was awesome! We were kind of rushed because we wanted to make time to drive to Austin so we really just took it all in not a lot of reading or anything… and it was FREE! There were other neat things to do around the area, Ripley’s, and aquarium.. fun stuff.




Lots of fun murals on the walls, unfortunately we got there a little late in the evening and Nova immediately had to pee of course… we hopped into the first restaurant we saw, Searsucker.. which holy moly! So good! I found a new favorite whiskey, Herman Marshall. I have to find some before we get out of Texas, our waiter said they only sell it here so i’ll be bummed i’d have to wait until October to get some when I come back haha. By the time we got to walking this was the only wall we were able to get a picture at, and as you can tell by the quality it was dark enough to not be the greatest.





Fox did not want to partake in the mural pictures.


Museum of Weird! This guy in Austin has this building full of his collection of weird things.. and the one and only ICE MAN! We saw a hairy dude frozen in ice! SO CRAZY!! And so worth whatever it was we paid to get into this place. Was one of those “You don’t see that everyday!” We were not able to take pictures in that room we went in.. but it will be something we’ll never forget.

284A9995 284A9997 284A9998


Alex Burton <– I believe was his name I can’t find him on the world wide web, but this guy knows how to put on a weird show.. you have to go see him. If you gave him a $10 tip he signs a poster for you.. I mean.. you have to. Plus it will make a great replacement picture for our ugly picture in our RV.




Johnny Depp used to live here. Right there. ^ , so did the singer of the Butthole Surfers.









The kids were so fascinated by this weird stuff. That now they can’t wait to visit the next weird place. Marfa… we’re coming to check out your weirdness next!

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