Day 6 — Packed it all in, Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington

There’s not to much to say about this day other than we packed a ton of fun into the day… Michael took the kids to North (no not south ;)) Padre Island. I had to work, and I should have packed up and worked at the beach haha.. I tried working outside in the morning but the mosquitos ate me alive, so I scrapped that Idea real quick.

After I finished up for the day we raced to try and squeeze in the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington into one late afternoon. We had exactly 1 1/2 hours in each. Luckily.. well. I suppose…. the aquarium was undergoing some renovations so a lot of it was unaccessible which I was kind of bummed the admission should have been less or something then. Oh well. Also we paid $10 for parking and then drove right off the lot without needing the token haha so anyone going to Corpus soon hit me up I’ll send you a parking token lol.

We got all of that in… Managed to get groceries and even cook dinner! Talk about a productive day.. Hence the reason I didn’t edit any pictures yesterday. I’m starting to feel wiped out. A day off here and there for the next couple of weeks should feel great!



Fox touching the creatures.. this is huge people! He’s really coming out of his shell.



My FAVORITE! That little face Love these guys!


Nova… she cracks me up.


Blurry, but these kids sure make me laugh.


Second favorite!

284A9845  284A9802  284A9848


284A9869       284A9880       284A9882


Only these guys.




284A9901       284A9902


The wind was insane! But made for a beautiful day.


284A9925              284A9919




Waiting for a haircut.


Are we allowed to play with these haha…

Here’s a slideshow of some things we saw that doesn’t include pictures of kids okay maybe 1… This ship had to be one of my favorite sites yet… So incredibly fascinating. I’m so glad the kids liked it! We’ll be back for sure. Next stop San Antonio!!

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2 thoughts on “Day 6 — Packed it all in, Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington

  1. Just catching up on the last 2 post–These pictures were fantastic! Your kids are so cute! Here I am traveling to OBX in my little Saturn Vue wishing I was traveling like you:)

    1. A nice relaxing vacay would be the dream haha, this has proven to be exhausting and a lot of work 🙂 if that makes you feel better lol!! But I’m so happy that you’re reading!

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