Day 5 — Driving to Corpus Christi

Nice drive down to Corpus Christi today from Houston.. No bad luck! And great weather today guys I don’t think we could have picked a better time to visit. Minus the mosquitoes.. I’m not sure I have a spot on my body that doesn’t itch right now haha!



Running some energy off while we set up camp for the next couple of days.


The kiddos even pitched in to help level the RV.


I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial day and remembered what today is all about.


Found a playground!! with a view 🙂


Walked out to the pier to just take it all in.. And with the beautiful weather we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Short post today but I’m whipping together a bunch of video footage I’ve been taking hoping to make a compilation of things we’ve been up to.

For dinner we headed to the strip and ended up at Joe’s Crab shack and it just so happened to be kids eat free and happy hour.. BLISS oh and they have a playground there say WHAT?! Every restaurant should have one haha. And I had to get my target itch out of the way so we stopped there after for some bug spray and sun screen which I totally forgot on the counter at home, oh well..

On the agenda tomorrow, we’re going to either visit the USS Lexington or the Texas State Aquarium! We’ll manage to squeeze both in before leaving here.. Since I have to work we’ll have to split them up. Oh and laundry day tomorrow.. 5 days without needing to do a load of laundry okay, having time to do a load of laundry now I have about 10 loads lol so that’s what I’ll be up to first thing in the morning… And work by the beach for sure. 😉


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