Day 4 — Driving by the Bayou!

We rushed to get back to the French Quarter this morning,… paid $40 to park! GAH! for some beignets, they were okay… I’m not big on deep fried things while traveling well.. my stomach isn’t. It was a quick trip in as we had to leave to get the RV out of the park at check out time, and my aunt needed to catch a flight back home. I hope she had fun! It was super quick,… I’ll have to bring her back here, you need at least a week to explore that city for sure. I also forgot my camera so any pictures I got that morning are up on instagram @momish_mom <– Fox came up with that name.


Baton Rouge


Passing time, playing x-box… They’re doing so well actually going to bed pretty early and waking up at a decent time,… which for us is unheard of haha! Fox isn’t eating very good so I stopped by GNC to pick him up some supplies so his body gets used to the change and hopefully he’ll start eating again.

Lots of driving again yesterday so not a whole lot of excitement (surprisingly, I know.) I’ve been making food going down the road and keeping things in check.. I had great balance before but now I could probably walk a tight rope after a few days of doing that.


Hello Texas!, I missed you, it’s been almost 10 years since we’ve last seen you!

Our last trip to Texas was a spontaneous one, before kids.. There was such a thing 😉 We were visiting Mississippi at the time and decided to drive into Texas to get a steak in Abilene (Totally Worth it, I thought.. for the sweet tea alone.)  It’s great being back and seeing some new sights.


Michael fixed the Jetta for us 😂 😂

We were not able to see anything much in Houston there were lots of roads closed due to flooding and with our luck we decided it would be best to skip this time around. The plan was to go to the Space Center, which I’ve always wanted to see this one.. So we’ll be back soon! We did eat Whataburger though lol!

Next stop Corpus Christi!

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