Day 3 — NOLA / YOLO!

Well.. Today was by far the best day yet, of course you could probably tell just by reading the title. Nothing to dramatic to complain about today,… I do have to get used to lugging a camera and taking pictures with it again. I did however plan to do some videos, which I took a lot of I’ll start working on that when we hit the road again. This post will still lack some pictures, but hoping to get to the big touristy places in the morning.

Today we spent the entire morning… sleeping. Exhausted from the past two days of hell it was needed. We quickly made good use of time and ran to the airport to pick up another car to help us get around with my Aunt who is with us until tomorrow. By the time we finally made it out the door though we got caught in a downpour. LUCKILY… It ended as soon as we got out of the car EEK! <– something lucky!!

We decided to take the ferry over to the French Quarter to walk instead of trying to drive in to the area.



She’s so dang cute in her new hat!

Once we crossed over we just started walking.. taking it all in. Not really sure where we were headed. I mainly just wanted to look at the houses. It did start raining again so I didn’t get a ton of pictures at the beginning of our trek.


Inside Jackson Square for a quick shot, honestly I didn’t know what it was at first.. but it was pretty.


We went to go hunt down the French Market which didn’t disappoint, Whenever I start to put artwork in the house, we’re making a trip down here just for that.. So many incredibly  talented people here. And the street performers, so unique.. And totally know how to draw a crowd.




The houses did not disappoint, I could walk around here all day everyday just taking pictures.. It was hard to do trying to herd kiddos and take it all in but I did get some cute shots of them.

After wandering around eventually we decided it was time to let loose, have fun and find somewhere entertaining to sit and take in the culture.. So we decide Bourbon Street, how bad could it be before dusk? Luckily the kids played with a pitcher of water and a pile of cups the waitress gave us, and were not paying attention to the craziness happening below. We did see a couple wedding parades, which they did get up to see,… pretty cute, but I totally would never do that haha! I’ll show videos of them later.

Once we were all rested up we decided we should probably get out of there before it got any weirder (lol).  WOW! Talk about a whole different scene.. And the people making money on this street was incredible some guy walks up puts beads around my neck,.. proceeds to do to the rest of the clan and then says… that’ll be five dollars. hahaha.. I thought it was so random that I just paid the man. The kids got a kick out of the magician.



Of course my Aunt and I got a kick out of the fire truck getting all these people off the streets.. For what? To pull over so chicks could take their pictures with them ::insert all laughing emojis here:: I happen to be standing next to a cop on a bike who was also their entertaining people smoking a cigar sitting on his bike taking selfies with people lol.


This was on our way back to the ferry through downtown,.. these two are getting so big, as you can tell by their faces… New Orleans did not disappoint! Hopefully we can squeeze a few more things tomorrow before heading to our next destination. HOUSTON, TX!


4 thoughts on “Day 3 — NOLA / YOLO!

  1. Looks like lots of fun so far!! And fix is looking much older but novie still has a sweet little baby face! Kelvin looks like a straight up man!

  2. I’m so jealous of your trip! Even the not so fun parts! Sure beats unpacking. Be safe and have fun! The girls miss Nova already! 🙂

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