Day 2 — More driving, hello New Orleans!

Today was okay… Besides working and our first day getting adjusted to life in the rv was trying.. Ok down right stressful. But once we got our groceries and got moving things were actually going really smooth..

We ran the generator to have cool air and didn’t seem to hurt anything I read a few blogs that said normally in the summer people tend to ride with it running… Good to know because we’d have been baking for the next 2 months haha!!!

Anywho, the kids were amazing did their own thing didn’t make a peep only for food and drinks but I got to work for a few hours and things were just great. Talked to my mom and dad and let them know how great everything was going and we were an hour to New Orleans. And that might have been a huge mistake… I should not jinx us anymore this trip 🤐

This is where the good stuff comes in.

And cameras should have been rolling…

12:00am We made it to our resting place late of course totally off schedule… We pull down the last road we needed to go to and the road is closed, blocked, barricaded… 😫

We have the Jetta towing behind us so we’re not able to back up we can only go forward unless we unhook,… So okay we’ll just have to unhook and get ourselves out of here. For some reason and I’ll clarify this with Michael the keys have to be in the Jetta maybe I think so the wheel doesn’t lock in place I believe that’s it. Okay so the doors are locked with the keys in the car,… Now what?! How does this happen?! Only us we say!

Plan f-it, wing it and hope to god we don’t flip wreck or get stuck in this ditch area which I was totally against and was hoping that a crocodile would just come out of the water I was standing by and take me away haha!!!

Michael asks me to use the flashlights to help guide him through the area we needed to turn around luckily it was a significant slope for the rv but hard enough ground it was worth trying (I think), so as I’m walking beside him guiding he guns it!!!

Launches the RV up in the air like tires off the ground I’m running so he doesn’t run me over hahaha I’m dying at this point I can’t believe he did that and everything/one survived haha still can’t stop laughing. We made it we actually got the fricking thing out of this road.

Finally we find the main entrance and hope the officers (we’re staying at mostly military campgrounds) have something to help get this door open. Nope… Stuck calling someone 80 bucks, 30 minutes later…

1:00am: Finally get the door awesome great lets GO!! Send the guy on his way and what would you guess?!!!

Cars dead. 😱👻💀 we must have had it hooked up wrong and drained the battery the 7 hours we drove today would have done it.

I devise a plan to push this sucker up to the rv and jump it I’m tired thirsty, and HOT… And just want to sleep. It’s totally not working but after several attempts we got it! She’s running! UGH!

2:30am: We’re all hooked up snuggled in bed now, having high hopes for a totally different experience tomorrow since there will be no driving!

But we’re here New Orleans please hold up to your name and dazzle us tomorrow… Give me many photo opportunities.

Pictures tomorrow I have heard so many people are actually reading this craziness so I’ll be sure to flood it with craziness HA!!

4 thoughts on “Day 2 — More driving, hello New Orleans!

  1. Yeah, that luck sounds about right. It always happens to me as well. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new start and may it be filled with many photo opportunities and memories that aren’t annoying or stressful! I can’t wait to see and read about your many adventures on this trip! Keep the blog running, it’s amazing and creative. I wish to maybe one day do this with my family, it’s a great idea. Be careful and good luck!!!

  2. I want to be your kid😊 nice to read about your family adventure, makes me feel like I’m on vaca too!

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