Day 1 — And we’re off!

Where do I even begin… Maybe just by stating never ever plan a trip that runs into an already hectic day… The last day of school! Which reminds me I always! always!!! get a picture of the kids on their last day and this saddens me that I didn’t do that this year… I’ll make it a point to capture a great one this weekend before they grow up too much more  😉 …
So back to why not to plan a trip on this very hectic day. I’ll start at the beginning.. We didn’t make it to the shop to pick up the car on time (we gave it a much needed new headliner.. So we could enjoy some drives with the windows down without being smacked around by it lol) so as soon as we dropped the kiddos off we raced there and back to give us roughly 2 hours before our anticipated departure which we knew was just never going to happen. Luckily my mom, aunt, and sis showed up late the night before to help and see us on our way. If it wasn’t for them taking the majority of our house to the rv we definitely wouldn’t have made our actually departure time.
Once we were all loaded down we hopped in and on we went! The kids were beyond excited to finally leave for our adventure…
We started off with great warming weather that made us kick on our front a.c… Of course it’s not working haha it did last year so we’re hoping an easy fix before getting to the desert.. We cracked some windows and enjoyed the fresh air. Which is my favorite, until you get stuck in traffic next to a double decker, cow hauling, poop smeared truck.. With excitement I say look kids! And then realized oh no… Our luck today windows open cow butt right next to us I immediately think those things can let loose at any time!
This is turning into a long post probably the longest I’ll make let’s hope Most days are not filled with so much “excitement”…
After the cow fun we hit more  heavy rush hour traffic and then rain. From the first day we bought this dang thing it has rained every. Single. Trip… * which is my excuse for really no pictures on this post.
Wait there’s more… It’s never a complete bowser family vacation without something crazy happening. Michael had no choice but to run right over debris in the road (he believes it was a lawn chair) well when we stopped to eat at Freddy’s! Which was delish minus their custard blah…  We checked on the car to make sure it was all in check… Nope. Totally ripped off the front right corner!! Ugh! Like cracked hanging on for dear life.. I told him well we said this was the Jetta’s last big hurrah before junking it… He says well I was hoping it would make it the WHOLE trip not just one day haha!!! So funny.. So true.
Well it’s midnight *we did gain an hour so that’s positive haha,… and we’re finally pulling off at our exit!! Hello Memphis! I love it here but sadly I will be staying in working while the rest of the family goes out exploring!

9 thoughts on “Day 1 — And we’re off!

  1. So exciting!! Y’all are well on your way to making the best memories!! Can’t wait to read about tomorrow!!

  2. ohmygoodness!!! all of that in one day??? wowza – it’s going to be entertainment just reading your posts…. I can’t imagine living it!
    Be safe!

    1. Right! HA! Only us.. but after reading it a day later it is pretty entertaining.. I’m sure everyone will enjoy reading about our crazy family

  3. Too funny…looking forward to reading more Bowser crazy & fun excellent adventures….dude. Stay safe! 🚌 🗺

    1. Haha I probably could!! 70 days!! 😵 Hopefully things smooth out but after the day is over it is pretty comical lol thanks for reading i wasn’t thinking people would actually read it now I’m glad I put it together!! ❤️

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